Creating lifelines for Our Clients

We are a group of clinicians offering online inclusive and affirmative services
to residents in the states of Florida and New York. 
At Inclusion Online Therapy we understand the importance of inclusion and strive to provide quality services to our diverse group of patients. We recognize culture as a force that impacts people’s lives, beliefs, perspectives and attitudes towards mental health.


Our mission is  to promote and enhance the mental health of our clients and our communities by affirming and honoring their culture and uniqueness.


The vision of Inclusion Online Therapy is to promote and improve the mental health and wellness of our patients and our communities by providing high-quality mental health care to persons from diverse backgrounds and identities. Recognizing and honoring their culture and individuality.

Our Team

Myriam Ayala, MSW, LCSW, CCTP, QS

Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Celmira Cintrón-Jiménez MSW, LCSW-R, CCATP

Licensed Clinical Social Worker


 Frances C. Pérez MS, RMHCI, TIRF

Specializes in working with adults
Speak English and Spanish 

 “Millions of people decide not to grow. They remain seeds, they remain potentialities, they never become actuality” Osho

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